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The joys of a wooden playhouse. For many children, having an outdoor playhouse can feel like the first taste of independence. In the comfort of the garden, they have their own home to live, play, eat, and chat. And, they’re a great way to reduce screen time in this digital age.

A mess is often nearby in places with play and joy. With this in mind, we at Outdoor Toys thought we'd throw together a comprehensive guide on how to keep your outdoor playhouses clean.

Rubber gloves at the ready? Let's jump in.

Essential tools to keep your playhouse clean

Keeping your little one's playhouse in top condition is all about having the right tools to deliver a squeaky-clean final product. Here, we'll give you a rundown of what the perfect outdoor playhouse cleaning hamper should contain.

  • Spray bottle: One of the most underrated cleaning materials out there, a bottle with a spray nozzle, will help you get the perfect amount of moisture onto a tough stain before you start scrubbing away.
  • Warm water: Using washing-up liquid and warm water, create a soapy water solution to tackle any tough marks or stains. A good, soft solution should be able to treat all the surfaces in your playhouse.
  • Brushes: You'll want a firm bristled and soft-bristled brush to carry out different types of scrubbing on your playhouse.
  • Soap: You'll need some soapy help to tackle any lingering marks. If possible, pick out solutions that are made of natural ingredients. These may help your playhouse wear less quickly.
  • Doormat: Playhouses are houses, after all. Before stepping inside, a doormat will help catch unwanted dirt and debris off your little ones' shoes.
  • Tarpaulin or a playhouse cover: Winter months in the UK can be pretty fierce. If you know that your playhouse will be out of action for a few of the wetter, colder months of the year, invest in some proper protection.

If you’re interested in giving your whole garden a spring clean, we’ve got a guide on how to clean your outdoor toys, too. 

How to keep outdoor playhouse clean: 7 tips

Now, it is time to jump into the top tips for keeping your outdoor playhouse clean. Seated comfortably, let's clean your kids' playhouse.

1. Inspect and maintain regularly

The best way to know what needs fixing or cleaning with your child's playhouse is by keeping an eye on it. Regular inspection can stop them from staying dirty for too long or weathering quicker than they have to.

Every couple of months, give all the furniture in your garden a scan, paying close attention to any wear, marks or signs of degradation.

2. Practice exterior maintenance

Whether your kids have a wooden Wendy house, or a playhouse with plastic components, such as a playhouse with monkey bars, or a playhouse with a slide, its exterior is its shell! It must be protected. Using a wood stain paint will help. Colour stains on wooden playhouses can help them look tidy whilst being weather-resistant.

A key place to keep an eye on is the roof, ensuring that no loose dirt or leaves are gathering up there as they could cause problems later.

3. Friendly cleaning solutions

When cleaning your playhouse, use gentle soap or a baking soda solution to scrub down any dirt. This will stop your playhouse from eroding with harsh chemicals and be kinder to children's skin if they come into contact with it.

4. Pest prevention

Outdoor toys like this are exposed to creepy crawlies for long periods, which can cause problems if they get too comfortable in your child’s playhouse. Keep an eye on any holes forming around floor level and any signs of nesting or droppings in your child's playhouse. 

The trick is to keep the playhouse as clean as possible to stop any bugs from nesting. You can buy insect and rodent repellants online, such as traps or sprays.

5. Think about the seasons

UK weather is known to throw some curveballs from time to time. Proper storage, like tarpaulin, can help your playhouse stay clean and undamaged in those wetter, colder months.

To prepare your wooden playhouse for the wet months, schedule a lick of paint using wood preservatives in summer, as the moist air can wreak havoc on unprotected wood.

To keep your playhouse safe in the summer months, consider placing it in a shady area in the garden to lessen the wearing effects of sunlight on the toy and also keep your children shaded during play!

6. Encourage good habits

Keeping a communal space clean is about people using it thoughtfully and respectfully. The same goes for your little one’s play space! Encourage good habits like wiping their feet before entering, cleaning any mess they make promptly, and regularly inspecting their outdoor toys. Nobody likes a mucky mud kitchen (or do they?).

7. Scheduled inside cleaning

The inside of your child's playhouse will likely get chaotic sometimes; this is your child's indoor play space, after all.

If your children are old enough to do a thorough job, schedule a regular cleaning routine for their space. This can be once a month or shorter, depending on the usage and messiness of the playhouse. A regular scrub will help keep the house in great shape: remember, kids, clean in a circular motion!

Once the interior of the playhouse is clean, why not do some decorating?

Have a fun and clean playhouse with Outdoor Toys

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What are the benefits of a wooden playhouse?

A wooden playhouse is an outdoor toy that gives a child freedom, creativity and privacy in their own play space. It can also be an excellent place for them to have friends over, socialise and play.

Is six too old for a playhouse?

While it largely depends on the size of your playhouse, children as old as ten years old are known to play in playhouses. If you bought one for your 6-year-old, they'd get plenty of use from it!

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