If your ride-on car doesn’t work straight away please don’t panic, most of the time the issue is just something small and easily sorted.

First take everything out of the box to make sure you have all the parts needed before starting assembly (make sure to keep the box in case there is an issue, if we have to pick the toy up it will have to be boxed as the courier will not collect without the item being boxed and we will have to charge for failed collections)

  1. When you have assembled the car, before you turn it on for the first time give it a check over to ensure all the wires are connected securely. Under the seat or bonnet area are common places for loose wiring

  2. One of the Battery wires will need to be connected (on some models there is a white/opaque protective cover on the end of the wire and this will need to be removed first) - we are unable to send these items with both battery wires connected for safety reasons, if necessary crimp the connectors with a pair of pliers to make sure the connections and wires are firmly connected.

  3. Due to safety reasons the toy will not work with the charger connected so make sure you’ve disconnected it. When the toy is on charge, the charger should get warm after a couple of hours, this is perfectly normal and indicates that it is working properly.

  4. Check that you have selected the right mode – manual or remote mode accordingly.

  5. If the car is working backwards, for example going in reverse when it should be going forward – the motor wires simply need to be swapped over.

  6. If the toy moves slowly or sluggishly – the toy could be overloaded, these toys have a maximum weight limit they can carry and may stop operating if this is passed, also long thick grass, too steep an incline, sand etc. or any combination of these conditions can overload the vehicle, they are designed to be used on a solid flat surface such as pavement or tarmac.

  7. Please note: These types of toys have ‘Floating Motors’, meaning that the drive motors simply push into place and do not need to be fastened with screws etc.

  8. Please remember that over time the charge in the toys battery will diminish, to prevent this the toy should be charged regulary. If you do not plan to use the toy for a long period of time we recommend that the batteries are charged monthly to ensure that they will continue to hold charge and the toy will continue to function properly.


If you have checked the above and the car will still not operate please do the following checks then contact us, these are questions customer service may ask so this will helpspeed up the process and allow us to get everything sorted quickly


  • Has the toy worked at all since it has arrived?

    -       These toys usually come with charge, so they should operate straight out of the box, but not always so the toy may need to be charged.

  • When you charged the toy did you put it on charge for the recommended amount of time?

    -       When you charge the car, especially for the first time, make sure it is for the time stated in the manual.

  • When the car was on charge did the charger get warm?

    -       This is a normal sign that the charger is working, if it doesn’t get warm it could be a sign that there is a fault with the charger and you need a new one.

  • Does any part of the toy work, lights music etc.?

    -       If some parts of the toy are getting power it could mean that there is an issue with the wiring and you should check to make sure there isn’t a loose connection anywhere.

  • If the lights are getting power and all the wiring seems correct but the toy isn’t moving is there any sound coming from the motors for example a clicking sound?

    -       A clicking sound coming from the motors but the car failing to move could mean that the motors are not sitting correctly inside the wheels, please check the motors are fitted correctly and the wires from the motors are connected securely, the toy could also be overloaded. If you have checked all connections and wires are ok there may be a fault with the motors.

  • If the car has no power, or cuts out after a few seconds of use but the charger is working correctly and the batteries are ok, the fuse may be faulty.

    -       These toys have a fuse fitted, which is usually the small black box approximately 1 inch square on the red battery terminal wire please check the fuse if the toy does not operate as it should, it may need replacing.

  • The toy will either work in remote or manual function but not in both?

    -       If the toy has both a parental remote and manual function please try operating in both modes, if on rare occasions the toy works in one mode but not the other the switch may be faulty and need replacing.

  • Can't get the 2.4G Parental Remote Control to connect?

    -       To connect these remotes, first ensure that both the car and remote are switched off, then turn the car on first before turning on the remote. As soon as the remote is turned on it will look for the car signal if the car is not already switched on the remote will be unable to find the signal and connect


If you have done all the above checks and are still having issues contact us via email at info@outdoortoys.com.

Include your order number or delivery postcode and the name the order was placed in, please also provide any answers to the above questions you can and if possible a photo of the wiring inside the car.

Someone from customer service will get back to you as soon as possible, we aim to answer all emails within 24 hours, and the more information you can provide the quicker we will be able to help.


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