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"If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.". All those years ago, Willy Wonka was right: anywhere can be turned into something magical with a little effort and a sprinkle of imagination. And it doesn’t end in the garden!

There are many ways to turn your garden into something magnificent, but we understand this may initially seem daunting (especially with little ones running around). The choices are endless, from a fairy house to a wild-west saloon. 

Fancy turning your outdoor space into something special? Read on to discover some of the best garden ideas for kids.

Why upgrade your garden play area?

What if we told you that your little one can have just as much fun in the garden as an amusement park at a fraction of the price? Well, they can. 

Gardens offer a wealth of fun and creativity that entertain your little terrors for hours. Among other benefits, such as: 

  • Learning about the world and themselves: Through exploring the fresh air, little ones will learn more about the world around them, perhaps learning new skills and educating themselves on the wildlife of their garden projects.
  • Keep the mess out: Having a dedicated outdoor space for your children can work absolute wonders in your home, too. Parents can keep their homes cleaner by having their play being cordoned off away from the house. Just make sure to wipe your feet at the door!
  • Cognitive, social and physical development: Playing outside in the garden will encourage kids into activities like inventing games, communicating with other children and physical exercise. These are all important parts of growing up and will benefit your little ones later down the line.

These are just some benefits of investing in outdoor play equipment for kids.

Need a few prompts? See below some of our whackiest and most achievable transformations for your garden to ensure a lasting smile on your little one’s face.

Six of the ultimate kids' garden ideas

As Wonka said, "The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last,” well, we won’t make you wait. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best ways you can transform your garden and effortlessly create a range of outdoor activities for kids. 

1. Monkey around with a climbing frame

If you're looking for a garden upgrade that takes minimal effort with maximal fun, then consider investing in a climbing frame. These robust structures provide hours of fun as little ones can climb, slide and explore. They're a great way to keep active, look clean and presentable in the garden and are made of reliable materials for minimal risk.

Most children can play on a climbing frame, but they are best for children aged 4-12. Any younger children should be closely accompanied by an adult.

2. Build a whacky guest house

Is your little one an aspiring host or hostess? Why not build them their very own guest house? Kitted out with a fairy garden and mud kitchen, children can bring their guests here to relax while they cook up a delectable mud-based meal (be sure to ask about allergens!).

You can get creative building this whacky environment, but first, you'll need a playhouse

After that, let your little one take ownership of the space! You can let them choose paint colours, fashion a few tree stump stepping stones out of loose wood and place ornaments around the garden.

It's a whacky guest house, so make it weird and wonderful!

3. Unlock your child's inner gardener

This one is a clever option for parents looking to keep their child busy and garden presentable. You can get your child started early on their journey toward becoming a fully-fledged green thumb.

How? A surefire way to make gardening fun is a potting table. From there, you can designate an area of the garden for the project. A side note: be prepared for a mess! Everyone's first time gardening is sure to cause a little chaos.

Kit your little one out with wellies, play plants and kids' tools to immerse them in a world of nature.

If you're worried about the conditions, never fear! We also have a range of kids’ greenhouses available to keep your little lovelies safe from the elements.

4. Bounce your cares away with a trampoline

Who doesn't love a trampoline? The simplicity of this outdoor toy makes it a great choice for families with a mix of young and older children. Similarly to the climbing frame, this one is a great choice for parents who haven't got the time to jump into a full-on garden project. Trampolines are a simple case of build-and-bounce!

The main thing here is ensuring you've got proper space around the trampoline for safety, and kitting out your kids’ new favourite toy with relevant trampoline accessories such as netting and a ladder. It doesn't matter what size your garden is - choose from a small trampoline, a 14ft trampoline, or anything in between!

Reading this guide in the snow? Check out our guide on how to store a trampoline in winter.

5. Create a weekend nature retreat

Camping in the garden is a core memory for many of us older folk, so why not let your kids experience it?  It’s a fun way for them to get out of the house whilst remaining in a safe environment. Another perk? You can pack all of this stuff away after you're done.

You'll need a few simple things to make this work, like a tent, sleeping bags and a nice flat surface. If you want to get truly immersive, why not invest in a classic fire pit and curate a camp-style entertainment zone with sing-alongs, marshmallow roasting, and telling scary stories?

Add a bird feeder to your garden to further jazz up your little one's camping trip. There's nothing quite like waking up from a night beneath the stars to birdsong.

6. Build a swimming pool

Now, this one might be a little dependent on the weather, that is, unless your little one has been Googling the physical and mental benefits of ice baths recently. 

Swimming pools or paddling pools are great ways for your child to learn to swim, keep fit, and be social in their gardens.

You could step this up a notch by hosting a paddling pool Olympics, making little rafts, seeing whose lasts the longest, and orchestrating other fun games in the pool.

Water is a great sensory resource, especially for young children. It can benefit their cognitive growth and also ensure they don't have any water-based phobias in later life due to early exposure.

How do I make my garden safe for kids?

We understand that, as parents, your child's safety is the most important thing. Well, it is to us, too! There's no fun in accidents, so we've put together a few of our top tips for keeping your little ones safe while playing:

  1. Keep a watchful eye: We know kids love the feeling of being able to play independently, but you should always keep an eye on children if they're playing in uncertain settings, especially if they are younger.
  2. Keep the space clean: Keeping your garden clean and tidy will fight against hazards like garden waste and unruly plants. Save your child from any trips and slips by looking over your garden before you send them out into it.
  3. Buy reliable, well-reviewed toys: It pays to play with brands you trust. Trusted brands will have high-quality materials to avoid any mishaps during use. If you aren't sure about a product, do your research! There are plenty of reviews for the most popular products online to help push you in the right direction.
  4. Set ground rules: No child likes rules, but they're a necessary part of play. Encourage your child to be careful in the garden: not to disturb wildlife and be considerate on any apparatus. If you've got a trampoline or something of the like, you can enforce a 1-on-1-off policy.

Of course, this set of rules is not the be-all and end-all of the caution you should impose on your little one. Every setting will need different rules for different scenarios, these are just some of the most crucial blanket ideas!

You're in safe hands with Outdoor Toys

Whether you're at a loose end on hot summer days or cool winter nights, Outdoor Toys has a toy for every child.

Perhaps they're a thrill seeker looking to monkey around on their own climbing frame or want a private playhouse with a mud kitchen to host a day of garden fun for their friends; the options for outdoor activities with kids are endless.

Here at Outdoor Toys, safety is paramount. With this in mind, we only provide toys made from high-quality materials by reputable manufacturers. You're in safe hands with us! 

With 48-hour delivery and a 0% finance option for qualifying orders, we can transform your garden into a child's paradise in no time.

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FAQs about garden ideas for kids 

What are some good outdoor toys for kids?

There are some fabulous outdoor toys on the market, suited to all sorts of children and their needs! Some of the most popular choices are ride on carspaddling poolstrampolines, climbing frameskids slides and sand pits.

Why are outdoor toys important?

Beyond simple fun, outdoor toys are important for a child’s development as they encourage physical activity, problem-solving and communication between peers. In our digital age, it's never been more important for children to get outside and experience the outdoors.

What is the most used playground equipment?

While there is no proper data on the most used equipment in a kids' garden play area, one of the most popular choices has always been swings. These exhilarating toys fit a wide range of ages and abilities, making for a very popular ride!