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This year is setting itself up to honour a major baby boom in the celebrity world. From Sofia Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lala Kent, the list of A-listers in the coming months only continues to grow.

These exciting announcements come after the 2023 influx of babies. Dozens of celebrities welcomed little ones, including Kourtney Kardashian Barker, Blake Lively, and Serena Williams.

With this in mind, we want to introduce the hottest celebrities with a due date in 2024. We will look at multiple factors to determine which celebrity baby births are the most anticipated by fans globally.

We’ll leave no stone unturned, collecting the number of articles, Instagram data, search volumes and increases to determine which celebrity pregnancy is going viral.

Celebrities lead the way when it comes to trends, including their fashion, hair, and even their babies. Some parents take inspiration from their favourite celebrities and may even choose the same baby toys or prams. Many shoppers have opted for Molly-Mae Hague’s choice of stroller, which has since sold out in most places. Camilla Thurlow has also shared snaps of a baby play nest for her little ones, which will likely inspire fans.

The most anticipated celebrity baby arrivals of 2024

Sofia Richie’s new baby is the most anticipated arrival of the year


1 - Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

Anticipated arrivals score: 8.94/10

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s baby arrival is the most anticipated of the year, scoring 8.94 out of 10. 

American social media personality and model Sofia Richie Grainge dropped a big announcement to kick off the year, announcing that she and her husband, Elliot Grainge, are pregnant with a baby girl. The 25-year-old shared the big news during an interview with Vogue in January. 

Sofia and Elliot have the highest number of articles written about their new baby, with 8,840 articles sharing the love. Their huge media presence also resides on social media, where the couple received 2.2 million likes on their announcement post. There has been a 173% increase in searches on the couple since the pregnancy reveal.

2 - Emily Miller and Cam Holmes

Anticipated arrivals score: 8.15/10

Too Hot to Handle couple Emily Miller and Cam Holmes scored second place for the most anticipated arrival babies, with a score of 8.15 out of 10. The British couple met on the second season of the show, which aired in June 2021.

After the show, the couple continued to date. In January 2024, they kicked off the new year by announcing that Emily was pregnant with their first baby. Sharing the announcement via Instagram on New Year’s Day, Emily confirmed she is due in June 2024. In March, they shared the exciting news that they’ll welcome a baby boy.

There have been 4,550 online articles citing Emily and Cam’s new baby, and the couple received 1.2 million Instagram likes on their reveal photo. Emily and Cam have also witnessed a 171% increase in searches since the announcement of their baby boy.

3 - Lala Kent

Anticipated arrivals score: 7.43/10

Our third most anticipated baby arrival is Lala Kent, scoring 7.43 out of 10. Lala Kent rose to fame on the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules and has become a hugely popular media personality. Lala is the founder of Give Them Lala Beauty and has appeared in movies such as The Row, Axis Sally and Hard Kill.

The reality star became pregnant with baby number two in March and shared the news with fans in an Instagram post. Lala Kent received by far the highest volume of annual searches (almost 3 million), which skyrocketed by 123% following the announcement. The ‘Give Them Lala’ podcast star has also got the media talking, with 5,150 articles gushing about her future baby.

The most liked celebrity baby announcements of 2024

Sofia Richie also takes the crown for the most-liked baby announcement, with 2.2 million Instagram likes


1 - Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

Instagram likes: 2.2 million

Model Sofia and her husband Elliot Grainge have won the hearts of the most Instagram fans, with 2.2 million announcement post likes. The couple announced their happy news in a flashy way, with a Vogue magazine photoshoot showing off her pregnancy belly. Sofia Richie Grainge shared the shots on her Instagram page, captioning one photo of herself and her husband, “and then there were three.”

2 - Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker

Instagram likes: 1.6 million

Vanessa Hudgens and her husband, baseball player Cole Tucker, have been dating since 2020 after meeting over Zoom and went on to get married in Mexico in December 2023. Vanessa Hudgens initially announced her pregnancy on the Oscars red carpet, as she showed up cradling her baby bump. Her Instagram post features pictures from the Oscars, where Vanessa received over 1.5 million likes and 3,292 comments praising her new bump.

3 - Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French

Instagram likes: 1.4 million

Ashley Tisdale and her husband, Christopher French, placed third, with 1.4 million likes on Instagram. In March, the Disney Channel alum shared that she’s expanding her family on Instagram, captioned, “We can’t wait to meet you,” which also featured her husband and their three-year-old daughter Jupiter.

The most written-about celebrity pregnancies in 2024

Sofia Richie Grainge has most articles written about her new baby with Elliot Grainge


1 - Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

Online articles: 8,840

The Grainge’s scored first place once again for this category, with 8,840 articles celebrating the arrival of their new baby girl. Sofia’s enviable style, famous parentage and trendy Instagram feed adored by her 10.9 million followers are all factors to consider when it comes to her extensive media coverage.

2 - Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee

Online articles: 5,190

American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan is newly pregnant with her third baby, which is her second with her fiance Steve Kazee. Jenna is already a mum to her daughter Everly, whom she shares with Channing Tatum, and son Callum, who she shares with Kazee. 

Jenna launched her career as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and later worked with artists including Christina Aguilera, Pink and Missy Elliott. She is also well known for her role in the 2006 film Step Up. Steve Kazee is an actor and producer who is best known for Shameless (2022) and The Walking Dead (2010). The couple have collectively had 5,190 articles congratulating them on their second child. They have opted not to find out the gender of their new baby.

3 - Lala Kent

Online articles: 5,150

Reality TV star and podcaster Lala Kent received the third-highest number of articles, with 5,150 articles toasting her new baby. Lala’s due date is expected on the 1st of September 2024, just one day before her birthday. Lala has opened up about her timeline for getting pregnant on the Vanderpump Rules After Show and revealed that her mother was the first person to suggest that she use a donor.


We created a seed list of upcoming 2024 celebrity babies from various articles, including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Planet Radio. This data is accurate as of 11/04/2024.

Google was used to find the number of news articles written about each celebrity baby, using the keywords ‘[celebrity] baby’.

We found the number of likes and comments for the Instagram announcement photo, and when these numbers were not available, we took the likes and comments for the next baby-related post.

To find the annual search volumes, Google Keyword Planner was used to find the number of search volumes for the celebrities in the last 12 months. This was also used to find the increase in searches for the celebrity the month after the announcement compared to the month before. Some data was unavailable as the announcement was too recent at the time of research. This data is accurate as of 16/04/2024.

To create the final Anticipated Arrivals score, we used the PERCENTRANK formula to create a score out of 10.