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Are you tired of your kids finding new excuses to stay indoors and slay the dragon on their Xbox? Trying to find a way to get younger children outside more? Then look no further than the humble garden swing.

Dating back to as early as ancient Greece (yep, Socrates enjoyed swinging, too), swings have been a family favourite for centuries, and their allure isn't slowing down. As we all strive to spend more time outside, installing a swing in your garden offers a simple, yet long-lasting solution.

So, if you thought getting your kids outdoors was tricky, then think again with our complete guide to garden swings! The ultimate playground equipment - guaranteed to have your little ones out from dawn til dusk (just be mindful it's not on a school day).

What are the benefits of children's garden swings?

The advantages of outdoor play and swinging don't stop at the joy they bring, no sir. There are numerous benefits beyond what the eye can see when you invest in a swing set for children.

1. Physical exercise

There's a reason it's also known as a jungle gym! Swinging engages the whole body, whether you're on the swing - flying through the air - or pushing your comrade. The type of physical activity that many children experience using a swing set engages the core muscles and plays a crucial role in keeping their hearts healthy and aiding overall fitness.

2. Valuable social skills

Enjoyed by all ages, swings offer toddlers, children and older kids the opportunity to play together outdoors and create lasting memories with their family and friends. Amongst the fun, children learn to take turns, communicate effectively and pick up on social cues. So send them outside a numpty, and they'll return fine-tuned like a classic Fender.

3. Sensory stimulation

The rhythmic swinging motion can have a calming effect while helping children regulate sensory input. Sensory input and sensory play are incredibly valuable for a child's growth as they help them determine when to react to situations by increasing their alertness to match a situation or environment. What could be more calming than a child who knows how to cross a road?

4. Spatial awareness

Using a swing set can teach children about the rhythm and flow of their bodies. Meaning it increases their spatial awareness, as they learn how their bodies react and respond to certain movements. When swinging, the body naturally does many actions that aid the development of tiny muscles.

5. Coordination and fine motor skills

Coordination and gross motor skills are key players in the swinging world. It encompasses vital development elements, from balance to learning to grip, running, and jumping. As your little ones swing through the air, they continually build on these crucial development skills.

Among all these benefits, swinging is therapeutic and can be enjoyed alone or surrounded by family and friends. Not to mention, it's great fun too!

What are the different swing types?

Stumped by choice? Don't worry. Take a look at all the different types of children's swings below. You're guaranteed to find something they will love for a lifetime.

So, pop the kettle on and have a gander into the world of kid's swings.

Wooden swings

Want a slice of the classic? Wooden swings are ideal for younger children due to their sturdy and safe construction. They blend seamlessly with garden aesthetics and provide a natural feel to playtime.

Metal swings

Upgrade your garden with a metal swing set that offers durability and a sleek, modern look. These sets can be customised with various accessories and add-ons and are suitable for kids of different ages.

Swings and slides

Combining the thrill of swinging with the excitement of sliding. Swing and slide sets create the ultimate playground experience in your garden. Kids can enjoy both activities without ever leaving the house.

Swings and monkey bars

Monkey bars add an adventurous twist to a swing set, encouraging kids to climb, hang, and monkey about while developing upper body strength. Swing and monkey bar sets complement each other perfectly and provide a challenge for more active play.

Swings and climbing frames

For endless fun, swings with climbing frames offer a fun and diverse range of activities. From pure imagination to getting the whole clan around for playtime, kids can swing, slide, and climb to their heart's content, ensuring there's never a dull moment in the garden.

Toddler swings

For the littlest adventurers, toddler swings are a sought-after playground equipment. Designed with safety in mind, these swings help toddlers build their muscles, coordination, and sensory systems while having an absolute blast with the whole family.

Basket swings

Keep on twirling and whirling with a basket swing; these swings allow your little ones to spin 360°, unlike the traditional back-and-forth motion. Also, with the larger swing seats, everyone can get involved. So grab all the kids, the dog, and even Grandma and Grandpa for the ride of a lifetime*.

*An XL swing seat can hold up to 2 small people; please leave the grandparents alone and leave Rex with his ball.

Choosing the right swing set for your kids

When it comes to investing in outdoor toys for your little ones, whether it's a swing set or ride on car, you'll want to make sure you're picking a product that lasts a lifetime, benefits them in more ways than one and provides hours of entertainment.

Luckily, swings offer just that. 

Single swing sets: For the little guys

Perfect as a starting point for your little adventurers, single swing sets are sturdy and built with your tiniest tots in mind so they can safely swing at playtime. Adult supervision is recommended at all times when children under the age of five years are using a swing set.

Age range: These swings are ideal for toddlers and younger children.

Double swing sets: For the adventurous 

Double the fun, double the excitement! Double swing sets cater to kids who want to swing alongside their pals or siblings. With two swing seats, they're perfect for playdates and sibling shenanigans. Adventure awaits with these swinging duos!

Age range: Suitable for a range of ages, from toddlers to older kids.

Triple swing sets: For the darn right popular 

Hosting a party? Look no further than triple swing frames. The ultimate swing set for the social butterflies and the playground heroes! With three swing seats, these sets are designed for bustling play areas, keeping the fun going all year round.

Age range: Great for older children and playgrounds.

Things to consider when purchasing a swing

Before you take the leap, make sure your garden or outdoor area is suitable for swinging with these considerations:

  1. Space: Measure your garden to ensure the swing frame fits comfortably. You'll want to make sure you have ample room around the frame for your little tykes to glide to and fro.
  2. Age range: Consider the age range of your children and their friends to ensure the swing set is suitable for everyone to have a go.
  3. Longevity: Opt for quality materials that can withstand the UK weather and grow with your kids, providing years of swinging joy.

Kids garden swing sets from Outdoor Toys

From trusted brands like Rebo, who manufacture children's swings using pressure-treated timber, you know you're investing in quality that lasts a lifetime at Outdoor Toys.

But the fun doesn't stop there; toys by name, toys by nature. When you invest in kids' swings, you can enhance the action with swing accessories and add-ons. From trapeze bars to basketball hoops to jazzing up your children's swing with a new colourful seat, the possibilities for customisation are endless!

From slides and climbing frames to paddling pools and bouncy castles, our website is crammed with fun to be had.  

With 48-hour delivery and the option of 0% finance for qualifying orders, transforming your garden play area is now quicker and more affordable than ever before! For further details, please visit our delivery and PayPal credit pages.


What are the different types of swings for kids?

From single swing sets perfect for toddlers to triple swing sets ideal for larger groups, options include metal swings, wooden swings, and classic swing seats. Tailored for play preferences, swings offer a range of fun experiences for kids of all ages.

Does swinging help ADHD?

Swinging can assist kids with ADHD by providing sensory input that aids focus and concentration. The rhythmic motion offers a calming effect, potentially helping with sensory processing and improving attention span in some children.

What are the best swing seats?

The best swing seats prioritise safety, durability, and comfort. Look for well-constructed seats made from quality materials that meet safety requirements. Seats that adjust to accommodate different ages and are comfortable for extended play sessions are often considered ideal. Options include sling swings, rubber-coated seats, and ergonomic designs to support various play styles and ages.

How do you clean a garden swing?

Knowing how to clean outdoor toys is key to keeping them safe and in tip-top condition for years to come. To clean the plastic seat of your swing, simple dish soap and water with a soft cloth is your best bet. For any wooden parts, make sure to brush the swing down, clean it with the same cleaning solution, and pat it dry as much as you can.