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Bouncing on a trampoline isn't just child's play, oh no! Although they are hours of fun, jumping on a trampoline can be a serious workout with some serious benefits for the whole family.

So, little and large extreme sports enthusiasts, strap yourselves in as we explore the fantastic perks of trampolining.

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The benefits of trampolining

There's more to trampolining than having a bouncy blast; it's about all the other perks that come with it, too. Let's jump into the benefits of having a trampoline in the comfort of your garden.

1. Cardiovascular fitness

First, let's talk about one of the most important organs in the human body: the heart! Jumping on a trampoline gets that blood pumping and your cardiovascular system working overtime. This is a great way to train your heart and force it to become stronger over time. Cardio is king, so you'll find it benefitting other parts of your or your little one's moving life, too.

2. Improved metabolic rate and exercise 

Whether you're interested in upping your physical activity or just looking for a more exciting way to move your body, a trampoline could be the perfect answer. Trampolines also work to rev up the body's metabolic rate, meaning that jumpers keep burning those calories lost during exercise long after they've finished jumping.

Rebo Junior bouncer toddler trampoline

3. Bone density and muscle health

Moving, grooving, bouncing and bopping. Trampolining gives your muscles a workout, but it also helps improve bone density.

This is especially useful when you're looking to help your young ones grow: whilst they're bouncing around, building their heart and muscle strength, they're building solid bones, too!  

4. Social skills

Trampolines are large, so you can fit multiple people to bounce at once. Bouncing together on a trampoline encourages people to interact and chat, perhaps even devising their games around it. This is especially useful for small children who are still building their social skills.

5. Stress relief

Is someone in the family feeling stressed? Get them out and moving! Jumping on a trampoline can help combat stress or blues and improve mental performance. When it comes to stress relief, exercising is one of the best ways to quickly improve your mood, no matter how old you are!

6. Coordination and balance

It's time to get technical! Trampolining helps improve your general coordination and balance, keeping those fine motor skills in check. We all know how clumsy children can be, so it's a great idea to get them on the trampoline early to test and train their balance (of course, with supervision).

6. Core stability and posture

Now we're treading into some of the more secret benefits of trampolining, aside from general muscle health. When you're bouncing, you're engaging those core stability muscles and improving your posture with every bounce.

If you want to promote good postures in your household and wave goodbye to slouching – you'll be standing tall and proud in no time with a trampoline.

7. New passions and skills

When a child starts to explore the world, everything is exciting and full of possibilities! A child jumping on a trampoline can unlock new passions and hobbies: perhaps a future in the Olympics is on the cards.

If your child is ready to take your trampoline game to the next level, try incorporating some exercises into your little one's routine. From jumping jacks to aerial skills and spins, the possibilities are endless!

8. Better sleep patterns

Is your little one tossing and turning at night? Everyone knows it's easier to appreciate other health benefits if you've not slept well. Regular trampolining sessions can help promote better sleeping patterns so you or your little ones can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

9. Quality time with loved ones

At a loose end on a summer's day? Let's play in the garden! A trampoline can be a great, cost-effective way to spend a summer day with the family.

You can devise some games around the trampoline, get the BBQ going, and relax deep into a summer's evening. Remember to drink lots of water!

Not sure what to do come winter? We’ve got that covered in our guide: how to store your trampoline in winter

10. Immune system boost

Bouncing on a trampoline isn't just good for your muscles; exercise helps boost your immune system! Jumping helps increase blood flow and circulation, keeping those immune cells that keep your body prepared to fight off nasty bugs or infections in tip-top shape.

If you're looking for improved health, bouncing is a great start.

Invest in your child’s future with Outdoor Toys

So, there you have it: the fantastic benefits of trampolining in all their glory. These toys are suitable for children of all ages, and jumping on a trampoline is a great way to improve your little one's health, fitness, and overall well-being.

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Let the outdoor adventures begin!

Rebo Summit Oval Trampoline and Safety Enclosure - Summit 1400

FAQs about trampolines

At what age can my child play on a trampoline?

If you plan to take your child on a trampoline or to a trampoline park, we'd recommend only doing so if they are above the age of 6. This will help reduce any chance of injuries people can encounter whilst jumping.

What size of trampoline do I need?

The size of trampoline you need will depend on a couple of factors, like the size of a garden, the age of your children, and how many little ones (or adults!) are likely to be bouncing on it. Our sizes range from small toddler trampolines all the way up to 14ft trampolines. Knowing how to measure a trampoline correctly will avoid any issues around accidentally buying the wrong size!