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Over the years, Walt Disney Studios has created many memorable characters but the Disney Princesses are amongst the most iconic, inspiring parents like you to build your child’s very own castle with a kids playhouse and see their faces light up during playtime. 

But whether you prefer the traditional princesses such as Cinderella and Snow White, or more modern heroines such as Frozen’s Elsa or perhaps Merida from Brave, everyone has their own favourite Disney princess.

At Outdoor Toys, we've used Google search data to find the most popular princess in every country worldwide!


Tangled’s Rapunzel is the most popular princess in Europe, followed by Elsa from the family favourite Frozen.

Classic Disney princesses like Cinderella and Belle fared less well, only being the most popular in The UK and Croatia respectively.



For the countries with data available, Brave’s Merida takes a clear lead as the most famous princess in nine countries. 

Jasmine from Aladdin took the top spot in seven countries here, more than in any other continent, and Pocahontas and Rapunzel took the top spot in six



While Asia is the home of Mulan, we were strictly looking at princesses in the traditional sense, with Rapunzel again proving to be the most popular. Although Merida still proved popular in seven countries including Bhutan, Cambodia and Mongolia.


North America

As the home of the Walt Disney Corporation, North America sees Rapunzel cement her place as the most iconic Disney princess, although it seems that those in Central America had a soft spot for Elsa instead.


South America

Rapunzel is the most popular Disney Princess in South America too, with half of the continent searching for the character more than any other princess.

South america


Polynesia gave us the Disney heroine in the form of Moana, but again, we’re sticking to traditional Disney Princesses. Each of the countries that had data available chose differently, with classic Disney Princesses Cinderella and Ariel being most popular in Australia and New Zealand. 


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