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Who are the wealthiest kids in the world?

Many of us grew up with the luxuries of new toys and even received our own pocket money, saving for weeks and months to buy the next best gadget to boast about with friends.

But for those with Hollywood stars as parents, it's a different ballgame. Celebrity kids won’t likely have to spend too long to save for anything and could easily splash out on the next big playhouse or climbing frame without thinking about the cost.

We have analysed some of the most famous kids in the world (who most likely have astronomical sums tucked away for their future) to reveal the wealthiest kids with the biggest fortunes in 2024. We’ll examine various celebrity categories, including YouTube stars, A-listers and royalty.

The Richest Celebrity Children in 2024

Princess Charlotte of Wales is the richest celebrity child, with a net worth of almost £4 BILLION.

The richest celebrity children of 2024
A table displaying the richest celebrity children of 2024
1. Princess Charlotte of Wales - 8 years old

Estimated Net Worth in 2024: £3.9 billion

The “Kate Middleton Effect” has contributed to Princess Charlotte's net worth, where the royal family's fashion choices significantly impact fashion trends. Eight-year-old Charlotte is the wealthiest royal grandchild and the richest child in the world, with an estimated net worth of £3.9 billion ($5 billion).

Most fashion pieces that the Duchess of Cambridge is seen in subsequently fly off the shelves, and ‘the Kate effect’ was even coined to describe the impact she had on fashion brands after being photographed in their items. Sales for the British fashion industry are enormous, boosting British brands upwards of £1 billion annually. Research from Brand Finance cited Kate as “the most powerful royal fashion influencer” and reported that pieces Kate wears increase desirability by 38 percent for American shoppers.

As part of the affluent and influential royal lineage, Princess Charlotte is extremely privileged and has access to substantial wealth, including inheritances, investments and even business ventures. As Charlotte gets older, there’s no doubt that the world will be watching what a teenage royal and twenty-something royal is wearing, and the “Princess Charlotte effect’ will only intensify.

2. Prince George of Wales - 10 years old

Estimated Net Worth in 2024: £2.8 billion

Charlotte’s older brother, ten-year-old Prince George of Wales, placed second in the race for the richest kids, with a net worth of £2.8 billion ($3.6 billion). As the second line to the throne behind his father, Prince William of Wales, George has a big role to fill in his future. Although he may look like an ordinary ten-year-old who enjoys sports and whose favourite meal is a spaghetti carbonara, there’s no denying that Prince George was born into wealth.

On George’s fifth birthday, his grandfather, King Charles III, reportedly gifted him an £18,000 present and his royal title when Prince William was announced the king. As George still has a few more years left at boarding school, he already appears to be generating money for the royal family. Prince George is hugely wealthy as he inherited 133,000 acres of land across 23 counties in the UK when he was born.

3. Rza Athelston Mayers - 1-year-old

Estimated Net Worth in 2024: £943.5 million

After five months of keeping it secret, Rihanna’s pregnancy shocked fans when she revealed her bare baby bump in a photoshoot. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s son’s name was only confirmed a year after his birth when it was revealed as Rza Athelston Mayers. Last year, Rihanna spoke about her protectiveness of her son’s privacy after photos of Rza were leaked to the press. 

The A-list infant is only one but has already amassed an impressive net worth of £943.5 million ($1.2 billion). Rza’s whopping fortune was primarily influenced by his mother, whose net worth now stands at £1.4 billion thanks to her popular Fenty beauty line and her Savage X Fenty lingerie empire, according to Forbes. The total also factors in the money from Rza’s father, A$AP Rocky, who has made millions from his lucrative rap and fashion career. A$AP Rocky’s net worth is $20 million, making their collective income approximately £1.5 billion, and their offspring can likely have anything they’ll ever want.

Rihanna and Rocky also welcomed their second child, son Riot Rose Mayers, in August 2023. Riot Rose is only five months old and doesn’t have a net worth yet, but despite his tender age, he is already renowned for being Rihanna's son. 

The Richest A-List Celebrity Kids

Rza Athelston Mayers is the richest A-List celebrity child, with a net worth of nearly £943.5 million.

The richest a-list celebrity kids

A table displaying the richest a-list kids of 2024

When your parents are some of the most popular musicians in the 21st century, you’re likely to prosper and potentially be more successful. These celebrity children are destined for greatness, thanks to their parents’ fortune.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s son Rza came out top, as the musical duo are two of the most successful artists in the music industry. With a net worth of £943.4 million ($1.2 billion), which is only expected to rise as he grows up, Rza Athelston Mayers takes first place.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s oldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter placed second in the running, with a net worth of £567.9 million. The twelve-year-old was dubbed “the most famous baby in the world” by TIME magazine just two days after her birth in 2012.

Kylie Jenner’s five-year-old daughter Stormi Webster placed third, with a net worth of £449.6 million. The firstborn child of Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott has firmly established herself among the globe's wealthiest celebrity offspring. After Kylie posted her first picture of newborn Stormi to Instagram, it broke an Instagram record for likes when it eclipsed 13 million.

The Richest Child Actors in the World

‘Young Sheldon’ star Iain Armitage and ‘Modern Family’ actress Aubrey Emmons are the world’s richest child actors, with a net worth of amost £4.7 million.

The richest child actors of 2024

1. Aubrey Frances Anderson-Emmons - 16 years old

Estimated net worth in 2024: £4.7 million

Aubrey Frances Anderson-Emmons is among the richest child actors, with an estimated net worth of £4.6 million ($6 million). Aubrey is best recognised for her appearance on Modern Family, where she plays the role of a Vietnamese-born child later adopted by an American couple. She is also known to be the youngest actress to grace the red carpet of the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2012 and 2013. In 2019, it was reported that she earned over £54,000 ($70,000) for every episode of the show she played as Lily Tucker-Pritchett.

The now sixteen-year-old joined Modern Family at the age of four and was the youngest person ever to win a Screen Actors Guild award as part of the cast. Her popularity rose with every season, and she has made several appearances on talk shows. Aubrey is known to have melted the hearts of audiences with her kindness.

1. Iain Armitage - 15 years old

Estimated net worth in 2024: £4.7 million

Iain Armitage ties for first place as the richest child in our child actors series, with an estimated net worth of £4.6 million ($6 million). Iain is easily recognisable for playing Sheldon Cooper in his younger days in the hit spin-off show of The Big Bang Theory. The now fifteen-year-old started his career early, appearing on his own theatre-critic YouTube channel at just four years old, where he reviewed and critiqued theatre productions. His channel amassed over 16,000 subscribers, earning him his own agent. 

The talented young actor has accumulated significant money at a surprisingly young age. It was reported that Iain Armitage signed on for his first season of Young Sheldon at around £23,500 ($30,000), and by the third, the figure rose to £25,493 ($32,500).

3. Jacob Tremblay - 17 years old

Estimated net worth in 2024: £1.6 million

Jacob Tremblay, a Canadian child actor, has already achieved what most actors can only dream of, boasting a net worth of £1.5 million ($2 million). 

The now seventeen-year-old has accumulated success in his breakout performance and starring role as Jack Newsome in Room (2015), for which he won the Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer. He went on to work in the drama Wonder (2017), and in 2019, he starred in the adult comedy Good Boys.

Jacob became an actor at just ten years old and has appeared in numerous film roles. He has become a brand ambassador for three different companies and earned over £23,532 ($30,000), further cementing his status as a prolific star in the entertainment industry.

The Richest Gaming and YouTube Kid Stars of 2024

Vlad and Niki are the richest children on YouTube, with a net worth of £102.2 million.

The richest Youtube child stars

1. Vlad & Niki - 10 and 8 years old

Estimated net worth in 2024 - £102 million

The richest YouTube child stars are American brothers Vladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vashketov, who run a YouTube channel called Vlad & Niki. Their parents run the account, but they’re the star of the show. The siblings’ content includes fun challenges and adventures for kids. Despite their young age, the duo have amassed a net worth of £102.2 million ($130 million). The pair also signed a deal with an Australian licensing agency, which will make even more money through creating new content.

The young YouTubers earned an estimated £244,768 ($312,000) per video and were the highest-paid YouTubers on a per-video basis in 2019. This is comparable to rival popular YouTuber Anastasia Radzinskaya, who earned around £202,000 ($258,000) per video at the time. Their combined channels have attracted over 130 billion views and 220 million subscribers.

2. Ryan Kaji - 12 years old

Estimated net worth in 2024 - £78 million

Ryan Kaji, a 12-year-old American Texan YouTube personality, placed second in the ranking with a net worth of £78.3 million ($100 million). Ryan is best known for starring on the YouTube channel Ryan’s World. Ryan’s World was started in 2015 and features his mother, father, and twin sisters. The channel has over 36 million subscribers, earning over 56 billion views.

Ryan is one of the highest-paid YouTube influencers in the world. The family have licenced Ryan’s name and likeness to over 5,000 Ryan’s World products, including toys, action figures and even bedroom decor. The channel was nominated in the Kids and Family category of the Streamy Awards in 2021. Ryan Kaji and his family reportedly earn more than £28 million ($36 million) a year, and this young entrepreneur will likely continue his notoriety well into his older years.

3. Calvin & Kaison

Estimated net worth in 2024 - £25 million

Just like fellow YouTube stars Vlad & Niki, Aussie child influencer brothers Calvin and Kaison have been turning playtime into profit. Their popular YouTube channel CKN has clocked up more than 12 billion views and 18.8 million subscribers since its launch in 2015.

As of 2024, their estimated net worth is £25.1 million ($32 million), even though the Sydney-based toy moguls are only twelve and eight years old. The duo have tuned into demand among a very young audience for videos of toy reviews, with the brothers now reportedly earning more than £45,000 ($57,000) per video.

CKN videos show the siblings unwrapping and playing with toys, including giant surprise eggs, and playing games in superhero costumes around their home. Calvin and Kaison are the third most subscribed Australian YouTube channel.

The Wealthiest Royal Kids in the World

Princess Charlotte is the richest royal child in the world, with a net worth of £3.9 billion.

The richest royal children

As we have already discussed, Princess Charlotte of Wales is the richest royal, at eight years old with a net worth of almost £4 billion, she is destined for the princess lifestyle. 

Charlotte’s ten-year-old brother came second with a net worth of £2.8 billion, followed by Prince Louis, who is just five years old and is already worth nearly £98 million. Prince Louis was born in London in 2018 and is fifth in line to become monarch of the Commonwealth. Louis is gaining prominence, and his financial prospects indicate a promising future for the young royal.


We began by making a seed list of celebrity children from various articles, including Pursuitist, Yahoo News, and She Knows.

We used a variety of sources to collect each child’s net worth, mostly using Celebrity Net Worth.

Each child’s net worth was taken in USD and converted to GBP and Euros using XE. This data is correct as of 12/01/24.